After each production, I ask my directors if they want to say anything about working with me. I tell them I have a “Director’s Testimonials” page on my site. This is what they send me…untouched and unedited.
“Casting Kevin in our picture, not only added an accomplished actor to our team, but a team player who empowered the cast and crew with his energy, talent and good vibes.”
-Brandon Jameson, director “N.D.Jones and the “S” shaped kibble/ LINK Productions, for Petco Inc.”
“I’ve directed Kevin in five features and I can say one thing about him that I can’t say about many other actors: he brings it. And he has tiger’s blood. He preps his role, shows up early, knows his lines and hits his mark every time and under any circumstance – and I’ve put him through some chaotic and dangerous shoots that would break most professionals. Comedy, drama, action, he does it all, and the final product he delivers is one I’m always proud to have in my film.”
-Michael Fredianelli, director “The Scarlet Worm”, writer, director “The Minstrel Killer”, “Xenobites”, “A Bird In The Bush”, “Pale Blue Balloons”…and more.
“It’s impossible to describe Kevin in five words or less. He is a very talented mature actor. I was amazed with his ability to play a runaway psycho and at the same time a brokenhearted intelligent truth seeking Dostoevsky’s “Raskolnikov” type character. Most of all what I like about Kevin, he trusts his director no matter what and we end up with great acting and great final product. Thank you Kevin for being so professional and collaborative, I hope to work with you again and again and again.
-Yuri Tsapayev, director “Contractor’s Routine”
“It has been my privilege to work with an actor of Kevin’s caliber and intensity. He does not simply play a role–he inhabits a character. He arrives on set ready to work, having researched and digested his part thoroughly. He possesses an uncanny ability to seamlessly adapt and translate the director’s on-set cues into fine-tuned, natural performances. Kevin Giffin is a consummate professional and a remarkably talented thespian.”
-Alin Bui, director ”The Girl in the Attic”
“Kevin gave an incredible performance on set. His ability to embody different emotions was outstanding. I really appreciate the amount of effort he put into preparing his character – it really shines through on film!”
-Kyle Glasow, director “Memory Problems”
“Kevin performed with conviction and professionalism under rough conditions and a tight schedule. He was a pleasure to work with and his performance stood out amongst a number of actors we auditioned.”
- Andre Gorgievski, writer/ director ”Lonely Lane”
“Kevin Giffin is an experienced and talented actor. Honestly, for me, it was a good experience working with him and I appreciate everything that he did for my film. He is professional, he knows what directors want. I will definitely recommend him to other directors.”
-Ji Hoon Lee, director ”Chef Joe”
“Working with Kevin was a delightful experience and I would be grateful to work with him again. He brought a depth to his character that I had never thought of even when writing the character. He had an insight to the character and I feel that he became that character while we were filming. It was a pleasure to see Kevin bring my character to life and I couldn’t be happier with the end result.”
-Kyle Pugsley, director “Soulful Photos”
“Professional, adaptable, and skilled are only some of the words that can describe Kevin as a person and an actor. He is able to quickly step into a role, become the character, and produce a believable, emotionally affecting experience for the audience. Not only does his range allow him to take direction well, but he also contributes a part of himself to the character and the set, which takes the story and film to a new level. Any production would benefit from having Kevin on board.”
-Kevin M. Palmer, writer/director “Lifeline”
“Kevin, thanks a lot for being part of the project. I still think you are the best actor because you get it right in the first take. Hope to work with you again soon.”
-Ramesh Devu, director “Uggu, Time To Go Home”
Kevin was a delight to work with-professional and dedicated to the film, he added a depth to the character that was really wonderful to see and experience. A pleasure to work with and well-trained!
-JM Hall, writer/director “Baggage”
Thank you very much for your hard work on the Pool Pirates project. I appreciate your dedication and commitment to doing a high quality job as your character. I particularly appreciate your work because you had one of the most difficult costumes to wear – it was extremely hot, you had to stay in a boat, and you had to wear a lot of facial hair. You handled all these difficulties with good cheer and turned in a fantastic performance. Thank you for getting so into the role and doing such a great job bringing the Pirate Captain to life on screen!
-Erikka Innes, writer/director “Pool Pirates”
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